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Akai Custom Barbarian Standard div gun

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This gun will arrive in Sweden in the beginning of April 2017.
This item riquires permit (LICENSPLIKTIG)

2011 Standard division gun
.40 S&W caliber
Heavy frame cut to Butler cut
SVI bull barrel
Stroked recoil system
Turtle cuts, fluting line, logo, flat top, sight lines
2# trigger job
Stippled and double undercut grip
IonBond Black finish

If you are looking for another model from the Akai Custom line up, please check out the Akai Custom website at

Semi custom guns will take about 5 months to deliver.
Full custom guns will take about 10 months to deliver.
Guns that are available now at Akai Custom will take about 2 months to deliver.
Guns that are not on stock at GP Rifle will require a 50% deposit upon order.
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Shay Akai and his team are well known in the USA for creating high end race guns for USPSA, IPSC and 3-gun.
They are pushing the development with the stroking design, tunsten sleeved barrels etc to be able to deliver the best competition gun money can buy.

Below is a survey from the latest USPSA nationals in which you can see the Akai Custom was by far the most trusted gunsmith in Limited division.