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Applied Ballistics 2nd edition

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Bryan Litz, bokens författare, känd tävlingsskytt och ballistik ingenjör på Berger Bullets skriver:

The second edition is heavily modified compared to the first edition. It's not simply a second edition that just has errors corrected from the first. In addition to all of the original content provided in the first edition, this second edition:

 Is larger in size (7x10 inches compared to the 6x9 inch format of the first edition.
 Is 578 pages (compared to 536 pages) of the smaller formatted first edition.
 Has a hardcover, like the first edition, with modified art design
 Includes 61 more bullets with experimental data (236 bullets compared to the original 175).
 Includes stability data for all bullets tested.

 Includes two additional chapters: Extended Long Range (ELR) Shooting, and Monolithic Bullets.
 Has corrections and additions to most chapters, with the wind chapter having the most new 
 Includes the Ballistic Program on CD: Point Bass Ballistics, Version 2.0 which has the most 
commonly requested modifications from the first version.

Bryan Litz, Ballistician
Applied Ballistics, LLC

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