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Nordic components extension tube kit

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Please choose right kind of tube nut in related products below!!

Nordic Components MXT Extension Tube Kits are a universal fit solution for extending the capacity for a variety of 12ga shotguns. These MXT Extension kits include: the tube in the additional capacity you select, the correct length spring for the tube, and an end cap. Simply select the proper capacity MXT Extension kit you need then purchase the correct Nordic Components Shotgun Extension Tube Nut that fits your shotgun (sold separately)

Complete MXT shotgun magazine extension kit for increasing magazine capacity.

  • Anodized 6061 aluminum for strength and weight
  • Available in a variety of lengths providing capacity increases of +1 to +9 for all major brands and most models
  • Features relief groove to eliminate barrel clamp travel and ensure repeatable placement after disassembly (+2 through +9 extensions only)
  • Relief groove located off-center to allow location adjustment by reversing the tube
  • Machined with matching thread pitch on both ends to allow reversing the tube
Adds to your factory magazine capacity

All capacities are measured with 2.75″ star-crimped shells.

Note:  May require modification of shotgun for installation and/or proper function.  Any spring/follower retention devices will have to be removed to allow extension to function. Most Remington shotguns will have dimples in the factory magazine that will need to be removed.


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