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TAB Padded shoulder pad

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Our PSP was developed from a need that was identified by some of the web gear on 
the market that is simply flat webbing with no padding. The weight of the gear 
the guys were carrying was not very comfortable on long marches, also they had 
no way to route radio cables, or hydration tubes. 

The pads are three 
inches wide, fourteen inches long, and are made of 1000 Denier Cordura and have 
closed cell foam inside for the padding. They attach with four 1” wide webbing 
straps the have Velcro attached. The 1” straps are long enough to go around your 
web gear and still have plenty of room to route radio cables and hydration tubes 

We have had a few requests for a pad for our rifle slings and 
these pads will work great for those too. You can place the pad where you want 
it on the sling very easily and remove it just as easy

Denier Cordura and mil-spec webbing.
Closed cell foam padding
3 Inches wide 
by 14 inches long
Four straps to secure to webbing and help route cables and 
hydration tubes