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TAB rear bag light, Highlander XL

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Light fill XL rear bag weights only 81,2grams (ordinary XL rear bag 640grams)

The TAB GEAR Rear Bags have been a favorite for many years. They are a simple rectangle with straps running both ways, across and length wise, as well as a heavy loop at one corner to allow quick attachment/release from gear. The simple look is a very versatile construction in that with being a rectangular construction there are three different height adjustments. Use the flat, short side, or long side to achieve the desired height.

Recently we have begun fielding requests for a larger bag. We made several prototypes and sent them out to users around the country for evaluation on which size they felt we should go with. The overwhelming choice was what we are now calling our TAB GEAR Large Bag. The thickness and short side are the same dimensions as our Small Bag. The length has been extended by two inches. These TAB GEAR Large Bags have been extremely popular and we are thrilled to be offering them to our customers going forward.

Each is filled with just enough plastic beads to make it easy to adjust the height needed by simply squeezing or relaxing your hold on the bag. The corner loop is easily attached to a carabineer for easy carry.

The webbing that runs long ways on one side and across the bag on the other side provides a simple way to attach the bag to your rifle by running the bipod legs through them. You can also carry it easily by running your hand through the straps.

As with all of our products made from Cordura we offer the Large Bags in all five colors we carry, MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander, Coyote Brown, OD Green, and Black.