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JP Universal vice clamps

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Like many of the products we make, the JP Vise Clamps are a specialty tool born from our own professional experience and practical needs. Developed and used in our own custom shop, the JP Vise Clamps are the ideal tool for component installations on both large-frame (.308-style) and small frame (.223-style) flat-top upper receivers. Particularly during high-stress installations like barrels and hand guards, the clamp jaws firmly retain the receiver by securely capturing the top rail and receiver lugs in order to prevent damage to the receiver itself.

To use, simply install the JP Vise Clamps into the jaws of your vise with the leader edge of the clamps flush with the leading edge of the vise. The lug-side clamp piece includes different cutouts at either end to fit the front pivot pin lug of either large or small receivers. Secure the receiver as shown on the reverse. Installed magnets will help retain the clamps in the vise. 

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